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We Light Up Your Poolscape

Outdoor fire features have grown in popularity and have become the new trend.

Fireplaces are a perfect choice if you are entertaining only a few guests. The ambiance and warmth they offer are incredible. If you have a larger group and want to offer an amazing 360° experience fire pits are ideal.

Thinking outside the box?  How about considering a tabletop fire feature? They are gaining popularity quickly. They look great and will grab attention whether the fire is going or not. The benefits are they can be smokeless, odorless and portable.

A very different new trend in pool fire features are firewalls. These not only bring light to the immediate area they also can illuminate the night sky. The overall effect is amazing.

At All Days Contractors, we offer a wide variety of multipurpose and versatile fire features and nearly all of them can be customized to your exact taste and outdoor lifestyle.  Let us bring the brilliance of fire to your backyard today.


A few of our customizable fire features:

  • Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Fire Bowls
  • Fire Tables
  • Fire Walls

Let’s get started! Call for your free estimate (512) 698-5552, email or fill out our form. We will be happy to help you embark on your dream and make it a reality.

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